How Negative Ions Affect The Human Body?

Dr. Robert O. Becker, a pioneering researcher and author of the book, The Body Electric and Cross Currents, has determined that the energy system in our body consists of two forces, kemagne tan and electricity, with electrical components consisting of a direct current electric field of low frequency (DC). Electromagnetic energy system is influenced by the natural electromagnetic environment of the Earth, which is usually quite quiet, with small rhythmic variations, but who has experienced a substantial increase in environmental electromagnetic charges.

Many studies have established environmental impact Negative Ion Charged on the human body. Negatively charged environment is stimulating the body’s own healing mechanism in case of pressure and certain physical problems.

Increase blood flow with resultant increased oxygen carrying capacity, both of which are fundamental to help the body recover himself;
Changes in calcium ion migration can either take calcium ion to heal a broken bone in half the usual time, or can help mobilize calcium from pain, arthritic joints;
Balance pH (acid / alkaline) various body fluids. (Often from around along with diseases or conditions that are not normal)
Production of endocrine hormones can be either increased or decreased by stimulation of negative ions;
Alter enzyme activity and bio-chemical process to another.


1. Treatment of this therapy is to give the body a 100% pure negative electron (positron free), so systemic immune γ-globulin antibody negative blood can receive electrons, so that negative ions in the body increases and repair diseased cells or for cell therapy weak stem.

2. Floating in the air, negative ion with its existence in nature, while negative ions are generated by man-made machines negative ion generator (Negative Electron) of Aculife. Here, the negative ions in the human body is an anion which can be increased up to the therapeutic effect of acting quickly.

3. This is a follow-up research of scientists named Serum Takada in Germany 50 years ago who became an honorary member of the American International School (1954) and is the academic study of the late Dr Gao Tianshi. His study is to provide therapeutic treatment of negative electrons to human disease. Experiments, research and clinical cases have repeatedly shown that the negative electron therapy is a significant attraction in health therapy in the modern world today.