14Application of natural or artificially produced negative air ion treatment and prevention of disease, referred to as negative air ion therapy or negative ion therapy.

Negative ion therapy is the ion medical areas, the ionic medicine is a set of electronics, physical chemistry, materials engineering, polymer science, life science and clinical disciplines blend of interdisciplinary science. According to research, the negative air ion used in clinical treatment of 50-year history, the healing nature of cell activation, cell function and the body’s natural healing ability to achieve the healing effect.

The negative ion therapy in the promotion of natural self-healing powers to treat diseases at the same time can inhibit the harm caused by drug side effects on the human body. The negative ion therapy is both therapeutic medicine, preventive medicine, due to its unique effect by academics as a 21st century cutting-edge science, and effective way to regain the health of the human.

Negative ions can purify the air, improve the external environment. A large number of clinical practice proved it and the positive ions, activated cells to improve the internal environment; to correct acidic to maintain body fluids alkaline; has anti-oxidative decomposition of lactic acid, enhanced metabolism; regulate the body, so that in a dynamic equilibrium The state of the cell to exercise its normal function, eliminating the lesions can also initiate the endogenous antioxidant mechanisms, this can improve the immune system and their own ability to heal and maintain health.

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